1044 Wall St.
(858) 551-7575 (p)
(858) 551-7016 (f)

Prepkitchen La Jolla
7556 Fay Ave
(858) 875-7737 (p)
(858) 875-7738 (f)

Prepkitchen Del Mar
1201 Camino Del Mar
(858) 792-7737 (p)
(858) 792-7738 (f)

Prepkitchen Little Italy
1660 India Street
(619) 398-8383 (p)
(619) 398-8374 (f)


The Whisknladle Crew is pleased to welcome you to Prepkitchen.

Prepkitchen was inspired by our continued quest to make our food from scratch and our desire to eat Whisknladle quality food on our modest restaurant employee budgets

What we first envisioned as a little take our restaurant you could eat in has developed over time into the quintessential neighborhood spot serving great seasonal comfort food in a super relaxed environment and relative to the quality, it's easy on the wallet.

With the success of Prepkitchen La Jolla since May of 2009, we ventured up North to open up Prepkitchen Del Mar (PK Del Mar) in June of 2010 ,a larger scale version of the teeny tiny PK La Jolla. PK Little Italy opens Januray 2012, the largest of the trio with a full bar and private dinning room.

We have big plans for PK in the hopes of continuing to spread good food and good cheer.

Whether you come to us for a great meal or a food on the go , we look forward to serving you quality driven, seasonally minded & inspired food.

Open daily check each PK's site for exact times.